The Hindu Editorial : February 25, 2019

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A) Terror timeline: on FATF advisory to Pakistan

The FATF must impress upon Pakistan the need to take meaningful action

The statement of the Financial Action Task Force in Paris is another message to Islamabad from the international community of the mounting costs of its decades-old lax policy towards terror groups. Significantly, it came a week after the February 14 Pulwama attack, and the global terror finance watchdog condemned, in no uncertain terms, the suicide bombing of the CRPF convoy that left 40 personnel dead. It issued a 10-point advisory to Pakistan if it wants to be out of the “grey list” of countries posing a “risk to the international system”. Pakistan has been on the grey list since June 2018, and will be required to show compliance or face being “black-listed” by the session in October 2019. A black-list would mean enhanced financial scrutiny of its government, possible sanctions against its central bank, and a downgrade of its financial and credit institutions. This is something Pakistan, already facing an acute debt crisis, can ill-afford. Amongst the FATF’s stern observations of what it called Pakistan’s lack of “understanding” of the terror finance risks posed by groups, such as the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Islamic State, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed, was a clear message: Islamabad must visibly demonstrate that it has taken measures to crack down on and shut down the infrastructure and finances of these groups. The first deadline to show results is May 2019, with a review in June. This goes even beyond the Security Council guidelines under its 1267 listing, that oblige Pakistan to ensure that terror entities do not travel out of the country, or have access to funding or weaponry.

Proof that Pakistan took on board the FATF’s warnings and potential action came even as the plenary was under way. Prime Minister Imran Khan held a meeting of his national security officials, and vowed to double down to tackle terror groups in Pakistan and to put two Hafiz Saeed-led LeT offshoots, the Jamaat ud Dawa and the Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation, on its schedule (1) list of banned organisations. A day later, security forces took over “administrative control” of a madrasa in Bahawalpur believed to be run by the Masood Azhar-led JeM, which was behind the Pulwama attack. But the measures do not go far enough or inspire confidence. Mr. Khan’s own speech in response to India’s demand for action on those responsible for Pulwama was a disappointing mix of denial and opportunism to raise the Kashmir issue. The banning of the JuD and the FIF doesn’t appear to have affected the groups in the slightest, and a day after taking over the Bahawalpur seminary, Pakistan’s Information Minister announced that its links to the JeM were simply “Indian propaganda”. The world community must make it clear to the Pakistan government the possible international and financial repercussions of ignoring the FATF’s timeline.

B) Safety nets: on banning unregulated deposit schemes

New rules on unregulated deposit schemes need to be backed up with proper checks

The savings of low-income Indian households have traditionally remained unprotected by the government when compared to those of the more affluent economic groups. But that may be about to change now. President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday promulgated the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Ordinance, which bars all deposit schemes in the country that are not officially registered with the government from either seeking or accepting deposits from customers. The ordinance will help in the creation of a central repository of all deposit schemes under operation, thus making it easier for the Centre to regulate their activities and prevent fraud from being committed against ordinary people. The ordinance allows for compensation to be offered to victims through the liquidation of the assets of those offering illegal deposit schemes. Popular deposit schemes such as chit funds and gold schemes, which as part of the huge shadow banking system usually do not come under the purview of government regulators, have served as important instruments of saving for people in the unorganised sector. But these unregulated schemes have also been misused by some miscreants to swindle the money of depositors with the promise of unbelievably high returns in a short period of time. The Saradha chit fund scam in West Bengal is just one example of such a heinous financial crime against depositors. The Centre’s latest attempt to curb unregulated deposit schemes through an ordinance reflects a timely recognition of the need for greater legal protection to be offered for those depositors with inadequate financial literacy.

While the intent of the ordinance, which is to protect small depositors, is indeed commendable, the benefits that depositors will eventually derive from the new legislation will depend largely on its proper implementation. For one, policymakers will have to make sure that the bureaucrats responsible for the on-ground implementation of the ordinance are keen on protecting the savings of low-income households. There must also be checks against persons in power misusing the new rules to derecognise genuine deposit schemes that offer useful financial services to customers in the unorganised sector. In fact, in the past there have been several cases of politicians acting in cahoots with the operators of fraudulent deposit schemes to fleece depositors of their hard-earned money. Another potential risk involved when the government, as in this case, takes it upon itself to guarantee the legitimacy of various deposit schemes is that it dissuades depositors from conducting the necessary due diligence before choosing to deposit their money. The passing of tough laws may thus be the easiest of battles in the larger war against illicit deposit schemes.


1) mounting

Meaning : a backing, setting, or support for something(n).

Tamil Meaning : பெருகிவரும்

Synonyms : escalate

Antonyms : decrease

Example : “he pulled the curtain rail from its mounting”

2) condemned

Meaning : sentenced to a particular punishment, especially death(adj).

Tamil Meaning : கண்டனம்

Synonyms : convicted

Antonyms : cleared

Example : “condemned prisoners awaiting execution”

3) convoy

Meaning : a group of ships or vehicles travelling together, typically one accompanied by armed troops, warships, or other vehicles for protection(n).

Synonyms : companion

Antonyms : neglect

Example : “a convoy of lorries”

4) posing

Meaning : present or constitute (a problem or danger)(v).

Tamil Meaning : விடுப்பதாகவும்

Synonyms : model

Antonyms : Withhold

Example : “the sheer number of visitors is posing a threat to the area”

5) compliance

Meaning : the action or fact of complying with a wish or command(n).

Tamil Meaning : இணக்கம்

Synonyms : conformity

Antonyms : difference

Example : “the ways in which the state maintains order and compliance”

6) enhanced

Meaning : intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of(v).

Tamil Meaning : மேம்பட்ட

Synonyms : appreciate

Antonyms : neglect

Example : “his refusal does nothing to enhance his reputation”

7) scrutiny

Meaning : critical observation or examination(n).

Tamil Meaning : கண்காணிப்பின்

Synonyms : inquiry

Antonyms : neglect

Example : “every aspect of local government was placed under scrutiny

8) oblige

Meaning : make (someone) legally or morally bound to do something(v).

Synonyms : constrain

Antonyms : delay

Example : “doctors are obliged by law to keep patients alive while there is a chance of recovery”

9) ensure

Meaning : make certain that (something) will occur or be the case.

Tamil Meaning : உறுதி

Synonyms : assure

Antonyms : endanger

Example : “the client must ensure that accurate records are kept”

10) plenary

Meaning : unqualified; absolute(adj).

Tamil Meaning : முழுமையான

Synonyms : complete

Antonyms : incomplete

Example : “crusaders were offered a plenary indulgence by the Pope”

11) vowed

Meaning : solemnly promise to do a specified thing(v).

Tamil Meaning : சபதம்

Synonyms : assure

Antonyms : deny

Example : “the rebels vowed to continue fighting”

12) denial

Meaning : the action of denying something(n)

Tamil Meaning : மறுப்பு

Synonyms : rebuttal

Antonyms : allowance

Example : “she shook her head in denial

13) repercussions

Meaning : an unintended consequence of an event or action, especially an unwelcome one(n).

Tamil Meaning : தாக்கங்கள்

Synonyms : fallout

Antonyms : cause

Example : “the move would have grave repercussions for the entire region”

14) affluent

Meaning : (especially of a group or area) having a great deal of money; wealthy.

Tamil Meaning : வசதியான

Synonyms : prosperous

Antonyms : destitute

Example : “the affluent societies of the western world”

15) promulgated

Meaning : promote or make widely known (an idea or cause)(v).

Synonyms : declare

Antonyms : collect

Example : “these objectives have to be promulgated within the organization”

16) repository

Meaning : a place where or receptacle in which things are or may be stored(n).

Synonyms : archive

Example : “a deep repository for nuclear waste”

17) purview

Meaning : the scope of the influence or concerns of something(n).

Synonyms : attention

Antonyms : ignorance

Example : “such a case might be within the purview of the legislation”

18) swindle

Meaning : use deception to deprive (someone) of money or possessions(v).

Synonyms : deceit

Antonyms : frankness

Example : “a businessman swindled investors out of millions of pounds”

19) miscreants

Meaning : a person who has done something wrong or unlawful(n).

Tamil Meaning : அமல்படுத்தப்பட்டுள்ளது

Synonyms : reprobate

Antonyms : nice

Example : “the police are straining every nerve to bring the miscreants to justice”

20) curb

Meaning : a check or restraint on something(n).

Synonyms : rein

Antonyms : center

Example : “plans to introduce tougher curbs on insider dealing”

21) recognition

Meaning : identification of someone or something or person from previous encounters or knowledge(n).

Synonyms : acceptance

Antonyms : denial

Example : “she saw him pass by without a sign of recognition”

22) intent

Meaning : intention or purpose(n).

Synonyms : decided

Antonyms : indefinite

Example : “with alarm she realized his intent”

23) indeed

Meaning : used to emphasize a statement or response confirming something already suggested(adv).

Synonyms : certainly

Antonyms : doubtfully

Example : “it was not expected to last long, and indeed it took less than three weeks”

24) fleece

Meaning : the woolly covering of a sheep or goat(n).

Synonyms : swindle

Antonyms : give

Example : “as the sheep came on board, we grabbed their long shaggy fleeces”

25) dissuades

Meaning : persuade (someone) not to take a particular course of action.

Tamil Meaning : பிரிக்க

Synonyms : deter

Antonyms : assist

Example : “his friends tried to dissuade him from flying”

26) diligence

Meaning : careful and persistent work or effort(n).

Tamil Meaning : விடாமுயற்சி

Synonyms : intensity

Antonyms : inactivity

Example : “few party members challenge his diligence as an MP”

27) illicit

Meaning : forbidden by law, rules, or custom.

Synonyms : adulterous

Antonyms : allowed

Example : “illicit drugs”

28) legitimacy

Meaning : conformity to the law or to rules.

Synonyms : validity

Antonyms : wrongness

Example : “refusal to recognize the legitimacy of both governments”

29) inspire

Meaning : fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative(v).

Tamil Meaning : ஊக்குவிக்கும்

Synonyms : arouse

Antonyms : bore

Example : “his philosophy inspired a later generation of environmentalists”

30) heinous

Meaning : (of a person or wrongful act, especially a crime) utterly odious or wicked(adj).

Tamil Meaning : கொடிய

Synonyms : atrocious

Antonyms : delightful

Example : “a battery of heinous crimes”

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