Daily Current Affairs Quiz : February 14 & 15, 2020

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : February 14 & 15, 2020

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Q.1) Who among the following has been appointed chairman and managing director of Air India?

a) Raj Kumar

b) Rishi Sunak

c) S. A. Dave

d) Rajiv Bansal

e) Debasish Panda

Q.2) UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has appointed Indian origin _____ as new finance Minister?

a) Rishi Sunak

b) Alok Sharma

c) Rohan Murty

d) Priti Patel

e) Lakshmi Venu

Q.3) ____________recently rolled out system to detect misuse of client securities by brokers.



c) RBI


e) NSE

Q.4) Rajendra Kumar Pachauri passed away recently. He was a renowned___________.

a) Industrialist

b) Ornithologist

c) Politician

d) Environmentalist

e) Writer

Q.5) Who has been named Player of the Year 2019 by International Hockey Federation (IHF)?

a) Arthur van Dorren

b) Gagan Ajit Singh

c) Manpreet Singh

d) Sandeep Singh

e) Shukla Sharma

Q.6) ___________has decided to set up Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

a) NGT


c) RBI



Q.7) The 15th Finance Commission Forms Panel For Separate Defence And Internal Security Fund. Who among the following is chairman of the commission?

a) Vijay L. Kelkar

b) Brahmananda Reddy

c) P. V. Rajamannar

d) N K Singh

e) T N Manohar

Q.8) Katsuya Nomura pased away recently. He was a renowned__________ player.

a) Cricket

b) Basketball

c) Volleyball

d) Base Ball

e) Football

Q.9) Debasish Panda has been appointed ____________ secretary Government of India

a) Corporate Affairs

b) Finance 

c) Home 

d) Defence

e) Commerce

Q.10) Who among the following appointed as CEO of GoAir airlines?

a) Siddhartha Mohanty

b) Guruprasad Mohapatra

c) Vinay Dube

d) Rajiv Bansal

e) Jeh Wadia

Q.11) Foreign Service Institute has been renamed the ____________ Institute of Foreign Service.

a) Sushma Swaraj

b) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

c) Arun Jaitley 

d) George Fernandes

e) Guru Gobind Das

Q.12) The School Health and Wellness Ambassador initiative has been launched under which scheme?

a) Swatch Bharat Mission

b) Fit India Movement

c) Jan Arogya Yojana

d) Ayushman Bharat

e) Poshan Abhiyan

Q.13) ‘Apiary on Wheels’ is an initiative of which statutory body of India?

a) National Green Tribunal

b) National Commission for Woman

c) Khadi and Village Industries Commission


e) None of the Above

Q.14) INS Jamuna of Indian Navy is set to conduct hydrographic surveys in which neighbouring country of India?

a) Bangladesh

b) Nepal

c) Bhutan

d) Sri Lanka

e) Myanmar

Q.15) Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari, recently inaugurated the first inter-city electric bus service, between Mumbai and __________

a) Nagpur

b) Lucknow

c) Pune

d) Hyderabad

e) Agra

Q.16) _____________ has partnered with Google Cloud to host its next-generation digital mobile platform.

a) LIC Housing Finance Limited

b) HDFC Housing Finance

c) PNB Housing Finance Limited

d) Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited

e) L&T Housing Finance Limited

Q.17) India & _______ exchanged 14 agreements & understandings in a number of key areas, including aerospace, maritime.

a) Germany

b) Russia

c) UK

d) France

e) Portugal

Q.18) Which railway station to be the 1st in India to add 5-star hotel above the tracks?

a) Lucknow

b) Gandhinagar

c) Howrah Station

d) Vijayawada

e) Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Q.19) Which state launches ‘Anganphou Hunba’ programme at Arapti Mayai Leikai?

a) Meghalaya

b) Tripura

c) Manipur

d) Gujarat

e) Nagaland

Q.20) Royal Bank of Scotland to rebrand bank as _____?

a) Central Bank of Scotland

b) Bank of Scotland

c) NatWest Group

d) Royal Group

e) None of the Above

Q.21) ISRO space scientist _______ becomes chairman of New Space India Limited.

a) M Muruganantham

b) G Narayanan

c) J Pradeep

d) G Siva Shakthi

e) H Naren Kumar

Q.22) India’s renowned Feminist scholar & activist ____ wins Dan David Prize 2020

a) Gita Sen

b) Raveena Seth

c) Priyanka Sharma

d) Monisha Gupta

e) Shipa Sharama

Q.23) Amit Panghal, who was seen in news recently, is a famous personality associated with which sports?

a) Wrestling

b) Boxing

c) Shooting

d) Golf

e) Snooker

Q.24) Sirohi National Park is located in___________.

a) Andhra Pradesh

b) Telangana

c) Manipur

d) Meghalaya

e) Rajasthan

Q.25) Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium is located in which of the following states?

a) Hyderabad

b) New Delhi

c) Mumbai

d) Lucknow

e) Chennai

To Know the Answers for the Quiz , Attend the Current Affairs Quiz – Febraury 14 & 15, 2020

Daily Current Affairs Quiz : Febraury 14 & 15, 2020

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