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Q.1) As per the ICRA report, what is the projected GDP of India for fiscal 2021-22?

a) 8.7%

b) 13.5%

c) 10.1%

d) 11.6%

e) 14.5%

Q.2) The Coastal Research Vessel ‘Sagar Avneshika’ has recently been inaugurated by the Harsh Vardhan at which port?

a) Visakhapatnam Port

b) Paradip Port Trust

c) Chennai Port Trust

d) Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust

e) Mumbai Port Trust

Q.3) Shashikumar Madhusudan Chitre passed away was a renowned ___________.

a) Freedom Fighter

b) Economist

c) Astrophysicist

d) Politician

e) Classical Dancer

Q.4) Who was the present Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations?

a) Syed Akbaruddin

b) T. S. Tirumurti

c) Uma Shankar

d) lndra Mani Pandey

e) Shamrao Dhotre

Q.5) Name the coffee table book on PM Modi, launched during the occasion of 2021 Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD)?

a) Modi India Calling – 2021

b) Modi achievement to India

c) Modi: A Life Journey

d) Modi India Economy – 2020

e) Modi India Calling- 2022

Q.6) Who has been chosen as the official representative of BCCI for the ICC Board meeting?

a) Brijesh Patel

b) Jay Shah

c) Imran Khawaja

d) Rajeev Shukla

e) Sunil Gavaskar

Q.7) Which country has committed an Official Development Assistance loan of Rs 2,113 crore to support India’s COVID-19 relief efforts?

a) Russia

b) Japan

c) Kenya

d) France

e) Germany

Q.8) Who was appointed as the Head of the 10-member empowered committee for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine?

a) Vinoth Kumar

b) RS Sharma

c) Rajiv Kumar

d) Madhabi Puri Buch

e) Harsh Vardhan

Q.9) What was India’s rank in Digital Evolution Scorecard 2020, developed by Tufts University’s Fletcher School in partnership with Mastercard?

a) 23rd

b) 4th

c) 8th

d) 7th

e) 12th

Q.10) 4th edition of Cherry Blossom Festival celebrated in which state recently (January 2021)?

a) Tripura

b) Manipur

c) Assam

d) Bihar

e) Arunachal Pradesh

Q.11) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the _______ edition of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention.

a) 17th

b) 19th

c) 16th

d) 21st

e) 27th

Q.12) Who is the author of ‘Gazing Eastwards: Of Buddhist Monks and Revolutionaries in China, 1957’?

a) Ruskin Bond

b) Arundhati Roy

c) Romila Thapar

d) Sudha Murthy

e) Shashi Tharoor

Q.13) In CBLO, “O” stands for ____________

a) Obligation

b) Online

c) Organisation

d) Offer

e) Obey

Q.14) Feroz Shah Kotla Cricket Stadium is located in which of the following states?

a) Assam

b) Meghalaya

c) Sikkim

d) New Delhi

e) Maharashtra

Q.15) BCBDA stands for ____________

a) Basic Savings Bank Debit Account

b) Basic Savings Bank Demand Account

c) Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

d) Basic Savings Bank Domestic Account

e) Basic Service Bank Demand Account

Q.16) What is the Currency of Cambodia?

a) Euro

b) Peso

c) Riel

d) Krona

e) Ruble

Q.17) Bhakra Dam is located in which state?

a) Maharastra

b) Karnataka

c) Himachal Pradesh

d) Arunachal Pradesh

e) Assam

Q.18) Periyar National Park is located in which state?

a) Assam

b) Odisha

c) Kerala

d) Tripura

e) Tamil Nadu

Q.19) What does the ‘S’ in NSFR denotes?

a) Statistics

b) Standing

c) Settlements

d) Stable

e) Supervision

Q.20) Which of the following section of the Banking Regulations Act, 1949 allows RBI for mergers?

a) Section 41

b) Section 39

c) Section 45

d) Section 24

e) Section 51

To Know the Answers for the Quiz, Attend the Current Affairs Quiz – January 12, 2021

Daily Current Affairs Quiz: January 12, 2021