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Q.1) Pooram Festival is a Famous one in which of the following State?

a) Karnataka

b) Kerala

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Odisha

e) Telangana

Q.2) NMCG, HCL Foundation and INTACH inked MoU for Rudraksh Plantation in which of the following State?

a) Meghalaya

b) Himachal Pradesh

c) Mizoram

d) Uttarakhand

e) Jammu & Kashmir

Q.3) 6th Session of Global Platform for DDR started in which country?

a) Russia

b) Switzerland

c) England

d) India

e) China

Q.4) Global Influence of Asian Civilizations Forum kicks off in which of the following city?

a) New Delhi

b) Moscow

c) Beijing

d) London

e) New York

Q.5) What is the theme of the “Global Influence of Asian Civilizations Forum”?

a) European Values of The World

b) World Values of the Europeans

c) Asian Values of the World

d) Asian Cricket and their History

e) Development of Asia in recent Times

Q.6) Which Country is set to host the part of International Army Games?

a) China

b) Singapore

c) Japan

d) Sri Lanka

e) India

Q.7) Which Organization has released its statement on the “Payment and Settlement Systems in India: Vision 2019-2021”?

a) PayUBiz

b) Airtel

c) RBI

d) SBI

e) BOB

Q.8) Which Bank has partnered with IMGC to provide mortgage – guarantee backed home loan?

a) Bank of India

b) HDFC Bank

c) ICICI Bank

d) YES Bank

e) AXIS Bank

Q.9) Which Country has the World’s Highest Child Mortality rate In 2015 , a study by Lancet Study?

a) Pakistan

b) Russia

c) Magnolia

d) China

e) India

Q.10) Who is appointed as the Next Ambassador of India to Bosnia & Herzegovina?

a) S K Ghose

b) R Rahul Kapadia

c) Jehan Daruvala

d) Kumar Tuhin

e) Manoj Deepak

Q.11) Who is set to be inaugurated as the President of South Africa on May 25?

a) Cyril Ramaphosa

b) Thabo Mbeki

c) Marais Viljoen

d) Jacob Zuma

e) Kgalema Motlanthe

Q.12) Which Actor is set to be felicitated by CEUCC?

a) Akshay Kumar

b) Salman Khan

c) Nawazuddin Siddiqui

d) Anil Kapoor

e) Shahrukh Khan

Q.13) The Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI) announced a tie up with which of the following organizations to improve the health of the sport in the country?


b) HCL


d) TCS


Q.14) Which EPL Team reatained the Premier League Title in last 10 years since Manchester united?

a) Liverpool

b) Arsenal

c) Manchester City

d) Leicester City

e) Brighton City

Q.15) Bob Hawke who died recently is a famous?

a) Economist

b) Cricketer

c) Politician

d) Nobel Prize Awardee

e) Writer

Q.16) Home Ministry cancels registration of which of the following foundation over FCRA Violation?

a) India Foundation

b) Infosys Foundation

c) Yerevan Foundation

d) Wipro Foundation

e) Engagement Foundation

Q.17) Kadavoor Sadasivam who died recently was a famous __________?

a) Politician

b) Sports Personality

c) Economist

d) Scientist

e) Writer

Q.18) Who was conferred with the Prestigious Sasakawa Award 2019?

a) S K Swayne

b) J S Kapadia

c) B S Kumar

d) P K Mishra

e) E R Reshma

Q.19) Which country is set to host 2023 AFC Asian Cup after Korean withdrawal?

a) India

b) Pakistan

c) Myanmar

d) China

e) Sri Lanka

Q.20) Who was appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to the Republic of Nauru ?

a) Kumaramangalam

b) Siraj Kumar

c) Ranjan Singh

d) Padmaja

e) Gregory John

Q.21) Who is appointed as the Chairperson of the News Broadcasting standards Authority?

a) Sunil Lamba

b) Ashok Lavasa

c) Sunil Mehta

d) A.K Sikri

e) R Krishnamurthy

Q.22) Which IT Giant has partnered with French Digital Content Solutions Firm Rakuten Aquafadas?

a) IBM



d) Tech Mahindra

e) SK Systems

Q.23) __________ Pilot Scheme for Fintech NBFCs to boost Digital Lending?

a) RBI



d) RBI

e) NSE

Q.24) Bombay Stock Exchange has launched Mobile App for the Mutual Fund Platform?

a) BSE Setrast

b) BSE Star Cast


d) BSE Telecast

e) BSE Bear

Q.25) Which Leader has unveiled the “merit based” immigration policy plan?

a) Vladimir Putin

b) Donald Trump

c) Narendra Modi

d) Xi Jinping

e) Madura do

Q.26) Which Country has approved the Same – Sex Marriage in First for Asia?

a) China

b) Turkmenistan

c) India

d) Taiwan

e) Mongolia

Q.27) Which Country has joined the Initiative to combat extremism online?

a) China

b) Russia

c) Japan

d) India

e) Philippines

Q.28) Israel has proposed which country to be the focus country in Jerusalem Film Festival, 2020?

a) China

b) Russia

c) Taiwan

d) Japan

e) India

Q.29) Where is the Headquarters of World Customs Organizations located?

a) Bern

b) London

c) Brussels

d) New Delhi

e) Berlin

Q.30) What is the capital of Zambia?

a) Harare

b) Lusaka

c) Bissau

d) Kampala

e) Dodoma

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