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Q.1) ____________ to put ads on Status in 2020, confirms Facebook

a) Whatsapp

b) Twitter

c) Instagram

d) Share chat

e)  Telegram

Q.2) Which are the Countries participating in the Pacific Vanguard naval exercise?

a) United States, China, South Korea, and Canada

b) UK, North Korea, South Korea, and Australia

c) United States, Japan, South Korea, and Australia

d) India, Japan, Russia, and Australia

e) India, Russia, South Korea, and Australia

Q.3) Google has banned the world’s second-largest smartphone maker, ________, from some Android operating system updates.

a) Lenovo

b) Xiaomi

c) Sony

d) Huawei

e) Nokia

Q.4) Under which Article did Delhi High Court has ruled that the United Nations is not a State?

a) Article 12

b) Article 118

c) Article 123

d) Article 28

e) Article 128

Q.5) Vedanta recently bagged two copper blocks in _______.

a) Gujarat

b) Punjab

c) Maharashtra

d) West Bengal

e) Tamilnadu

Q.6) Adani to set up container terminal in __________

a) Mynamar

b) SriLanka

c) New zealand

d) Saudi Arabia

e) Sri lanka

Q.7) Elections for a new body of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will be held on ________

a) August 26

b) October 22

c) September 14

d) July 16

e) June 22

Q.8) SpaceX successfully launches, deploys ____ internet satellites

a) 60

b) 40

c) 50

d) 30

e) 20

Q.9) BJD wins 112 seats in Odisha, _________ set to be CM for 5th time in row

a) Ravindranath Naiyak

b) Akilesh Yadav

c) Sudarsan Patnaik

d) Jegan Mohan Reddy

e) Naveen Patnaik

Q.10) Who won ‘Global Asian of the Year’ Award for Contribution to Women’s Healthcare Ecosystem?

a) Hema Divakar

b) Nithya Suresh

c) Rashmi Narayana

d) Niranjani kumar

e) None of these

Q.11) What is the maximum possible strength of the judges of Supreme Court?

a) 28

b) 29

c) 30

d) 31

e) 32

Q.12) Which company has recently revealed to stop selling its smartphones in several countries including India?

a) Sony

b) Samsung

c) Huawei

d) Oppo

e) Nokia

Q.13) Where is the Pacific Vanguard naval exercise happening?

a) Near Saipan

b) Near Guam

c) Near Puerto Rico

d) Near Palau

e) Near Taisuai

Q.14) Vijaya Mulay who passed away recently was a famous _______.

a) Filmmaker

b) Journalist

c) Scientist

d) Singer

e) Politician

Q.15) _______ Allows Modern Currency Chests To Hike Service Charges

a) World Bank

b) IMF

c) RBI

d) ADB


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