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Q.1) Who has been appointed as President of the National Development Bank?

a) Carmen Reinhart

b) K V Kamath

c) Anil Kishora

d) Marcos Prado Troyjo

e) Gita Gopinath

Q.2) Which of the following countries is the world’s first to launch the contact-tracing app developed by Google and Apple?  

a) Brazil

b) China

c) India

d) Switzerland

e) Turkey

Q.3) Name the plan which was part of Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY), to modernize the fisheries sector.

a) Mitra Sagar

b) Swath Sagar

c) Suman Sagar

d) Sea Environment

e) Swachh Sagar

Q.4) Tsai Ing-wen has been re-elected as the president of which country for the 2nd term in May 2020?

a) Taiwan

b) Hong Kong

c) Thailand

d) Tibet

e) Nepal

Q.5) Which company has acquired Amsterdam based Etergo BV to launch 2-wheeler Electric Vehicles?

a) Maruti Suzuki

b)Mahindra e-Verito

c) Hyundai Kona Electric

d) Tata Nexon EV

e) Ola Electric

Q.6) Which of the following companies has tied up with TajSATS to provide meals for the medical staff and healthcare workers ?


b) Reliance Industries

c) Tata Energy

d) Adani Power

e) REC Limited

Q.7) The Researchers at which institute have developed a lighter, breathable PPE kit to fight Covid-19 ?

a) IIT Madras

b) IIT Roorkee

c) IIT Mandi

d) IIT Delhi

e) IIT Hyderabad

Q.8) Name the app launched by two aspiring Chartered Accountants Mehak Malik and Leesha Arya which offers a wide range of taxation solutions to customers in real-time.

a) Ramjet

b) Asking Tax

c) SnapTax

d) JJ Tax

e) TurboTax

Q.9) Who is to take over as the chairman of the South and South-East Asia at JP Morgan Chase?

a) Mahesh Palashikar

b) Vishwas Mehta

c) Leo Puri

d) Sanjay Kumar

e) Rajiv Kumar

Q.10) Which of the following states recently signed MoUs with companies worth Rs 15,000 crore to generate 47,000 jobs?

a) Odisha

b) Karnataka

c) Rajasthan

d) Tamil Nadu

e) Kerala

Q.11) Which of the following educational institutes has developed a lightweight alloy to replace steel, aluminium in cars?

a) IIT Madras

b) IIT Roorkee

c) IIT Mandi

d) IIT Delhi

e) IIT Hyderabad

Q.12) Karnataka Mango Board has tied up with which of the following e-commerce giants to help farmers sell their products online?  

a) India Mart

b) Big Basket

c) Amazon

d) Snapdeal

e) Flipkart

Q.13) Who has been appointed as the new Chief Secretary of Kerala?

a) Anil Kishora

b) Vishwas Mehta

c) R Sreelekha

d) Rajeswari

e) Mahesh Palashikar

Q.14) Mujtaba Hussain, who passed away recently was a _____________.

a) Writer

b) Politician

c) Football Coach

d) Singer

e) Actor

Q.15) Which of the following state governments has recently launched a project to maintain health database of all citizens?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Kerala

c) Karnataka

d) Tamil Nadu

e) Gujarat

Q.16)  Who is the Managing Director of IMF?

a) Kristalina Georgieva

b) David Malpass

c) Christine Lagarde

d) Gita Gopinath

e) Kenneth Rogoff

Q.17) What is the Capital of UAE?

a) Riyadh

b) Abu Dhabi

c) Tashkent

d) Sana

e) Kabul

Q.18) Who is the President of France?

a) Edouard Philippe

b) Robert Kimmitt

c) Emmanuel Macron

d) Alex Fernando

e) None of the Above

Q.19) Name the Governor of Odisha?

a) Ramesh Bais

b) Ganeshi Lal

c) Anusuiya Uikey

d) Acharya Devvrat

e) Kalraj Mishra

Q.20) National Financial Switch is the largest network of _______ in India.

a) Core Banking Solutions

b) Mutual Funds

c) Insurance products

d) Automated Teller Machines

e) Electronic Fund Transfer

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : May 28, 2020

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