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1. When was World Day for Audiovisual Heritage observed?

a) 24 October

b) 25 October

c) 26 October

d) 27 October

e) 28 October

2. Indian Army observed the ______ Infantry Day on 27 October to commemorate the remembrance of the first military event of independent India.

a) 70th

b) 71st

c) 72nd

d) 74th

e) 75th

3. Who headed the National Steering Committee (NSC) set up by the Union Government to implement the NIPUN Bharat Mission?

a) Rajnath Singh

b) Dharmendra Pradhan

c) Amit Shah

d) Nirmala Sitharaman

e) Narendra Modi

4. Which state government unveiled the world’s largest cricket bat?

b) Kerala

c) Telangana

d) Andhra Pradesh

e) Karnataka

5. Where is the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference set to be held from 31 October to 12 November 2021?

a) New Delhi

b) Rome

c) Mumbai

d) Glasgow

e) London

6. How much amount has India and the Asian Development Bank signed for the project readiness financing loan to support urban mobility in Mizoram?

a) $4.5 million

b) $5 million

c) $5.2 million

d) $5.5 million

e) $6 million

7. Which state government has launched a ‘Go-Green’ scheme to provide e-vehicles to workers?

a) Kerala

b) Assam

c) Haryana

d) Gujarat

e) Karnataka

8. What is the name of the cashless outpatient department expenses (OPD) and wellness solution to users launched by ICICI Lombard?

a) BeFit

b) YouFit

c) WeFit

d) StayFit

e) StayYoung

9. Who was appointed as the Defence Minister of Canada?

a) Swetha Anand

b) Anita Anand

c) Savitha Anand

d) Anitha Mathews

e) Saritha Anand

10. Which country has re-elected Shavkat Mirziyoyev as its president?

a) Kazakhstan

b) Tajikistan

c) Uzbekistan

d) The Republic of Mali

e) Ireland

11. Which bank has partnered with Indigo Airlines Limited to launch a co-branded credit card named ‘Ka-ching’?

a) IndusInd Bank

b) Kotak Mahindra Bank

c) Dhanalaxmi Bank

d) Bandhan Bank

e) ICICI Bank

12. Which payment platform has partnered with SBI General Insurance to offer health insurance to the customers?

a) Google Pay

b) PhonePe

c) Paytm

d) Paypal

e) Lazypay

13. Roh Tae-woo passed away recently. Which country’s former president was he?

a) South Africa

b) North Korea

c) Japan

d) China

e) South Korea

14. What is the budget spent on making the world’s largest cricket bat in Hyderabad?

a) ₹70 lakhs

b) ₹40 lakhs

c) ₹50 lakhs

d) ₹60 lakhs

e) ₹45 lakhs

15. Indo-origin Canadian Anita Anand was appointed as the Defence Minister of Canada. Whom did she replace?

a) Harjit Sajjan

b) Sanjana Sajjan

c) Harshita Sajjan

d) Sajjan Mathews

e) Reshmi Sajjan

16. Where is Mrugavani National Park located?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Kerala

c) Telangana

d) Andhra Pradesh

e) Karnataka

17. What is the currency of Uzbekistan?

a) Pound

b) Euro

c) Som

d) Rial

e) Peso

18. When was the Asian Development Bank founded?

a) 1962

b) 1964

c) 1965

d) 1966

e) 1968

19. Where is Sardar Sarovar Dam located?

a) Kerala

b) Assam

c) Haryana

d) Gujarat

e) Karnataka

20. What is the capital city of Canada?

a) Canberra

b) Dublin

c) Ottawa

d) Berlin

e) Bridgetown

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz: October 27, 2021