IBPS PO preparation strategy for Working Aspirants

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant ,

The rush for the middling number of posts will be high in the coming exams as there has been an instability in the IT sector. The tremor of a global outrage is not only felt in the IT sector but also in the private sector which has IT as the predominant one.

The next quintessential solution for any working professional during the time of turbulence will be to gain a place in the most competitive government exams. The paucity in the preparations to gain momentum in a technical exam will be extremely strenuous.

The minds of those professionals stop at a solution of fixing the most competitive exams of banks and insurance as it relatively requires lesser amount of technical knowledge. So many working professionals are choosing banking and insurance exams as their next destination in their career.

Questions fearing the minds of the Working Aspirants :

Once they fix this exams as their next destination in their career growth , so many questions camouflage their minds. They are

  • When to start the preparations for the exams ?
  • What to study for the exams ?
  • Which material should I follow to crack the exam ?
  • Should I follow the conventional method or Fastrack method to solve the questions ?
  • Should I arrive at the exact answer for each question ?
  • Will I have enough time to cover all the topics before an exam ?

Most Complex Questions of Working Aspirants :

These are the common questions which complicate the fears in the working aspirants. These are the basic ones and alongside other questions makes their confusion still complex.

  • Should I resign my present job to prepare for my exams ?
  • Will I be able to compete with candidates who preparing full time for the exams ?
  • Will I be able to allocate appropriate time to study the concepts ?

Apart from the above questions , even if you have encountered more questions , brace yourselves , the answer for all these questions are the same and it is , “Yes”. Each of the working candidates can clear the exams provided the amount of preparations should be in the right way and to the utmost level.

Methods You should follow to crack the exams :

Allocate sufficient amount of time for your preparations and prepare for the exams in a daily basis. If you still find less amount of time for your preparation , don’t hesitate to study as it is only a meager amount for preparation.

  • Don’t break the plan and do it regularly.
  • Do concentrate on the topics in which you lag the most and you are not confident. Practice more and solve more number of questions.
  • Do not concentrate more on your strong topics as it will decrease the time for your preparations for the other topics. Also practice questions which are hard to crack.
  • Do try to learn new methods to solve every question because your solving time determines the number of questions you solve.
  • After you prepare every topic , try to attempt a test from that topic to know the level of proficiency you have incurred from the practice.
  • Don’t forget to give at least one test everyday because your preparations would go in vain if you don’t give tests regularly. Also take tests which poses challenges to you , the tests which doesn’t post any challenges are the one you are proficient. So attempt questions with a higher difficulty level. Also it should not discourage you from learning more.
  • Device a plan on a daily basis and stick to that plan. Don’t deviate from it under any circumstances.
  • Try to attempt as many mock tests as you can and also note that your accuracy matters too. So you will attain a state to eliminate the questions which are more complex and will do the ones which are easy to solve in the exams. The mock tests will give more experience on the exams before hand.
  • Have the habit of reading daily which will be very fruitful for your English comprehension part. Also if you find time in between the work time , don’t waste the time as it can be made useful by studying important news articles from the newspaper and other things.
  • Also do remember , reading newspaper will not only improve your English but also it will be useful for the general awareness section which is a part of the mains exam. So , you don’t have to allocate separate time for the general awareness section.
  • Rest is also important for every human in this world. So don’t over stress yourselves by reading more and practicing more.

Remember everything in this world is achievable and there is no such things in this world which are unachievable. The major difference between the working aspirants and the full time aspirants is the time factor. They too will concentrate on the same strategies as the working aspirants. The only difference is that the latter have more time for their preparations.

Practice is the key to crack any exam and this will be making the difference int the preparations of everyone. Even if you find a minute of spare time , do give importance for the preparations. Remember everything is achievable for those who practice hard.

Bankersdaily.in have already started a new series for the IBPS PO 2017 which focuses on various topics. Also this series have focus for the working aspirants who find meager time for their preparations.

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