Dear Kerala PSC Aspirants,

Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) Exams is one of the most sought exams in Kerala and a record number of aspirants appear for this exam every year for various postings. These Kerala PSC Exams are conducted to select the applicants for Civil Service posts in Kerala.

Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) conducts examinations for appointments to the services of the state. Topmost posts including the ones in the Education department and other important Departments will be duly filled by the KPSC Exams.

We have already started to post questions for the Kerala PSC Exam and will be continuing to do so for the benefit of the students. Please check the Questions regularly and prepare for the Kerala PSC Exams with us and crack the exams in the forthcoming days.

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Important Question Sets For KERALA PSC – Check Here

  1. Metal related to Arthritis?

Ans: Potassium


  • Metal which regulates blood pressure in human beings: Sodium
  • Metal-related to Minamata Disease: Mercury
  • Element related to Itai- Itai: Cadmium
  • Metal leading to Liver Cirrhosis: Copper

  1. B.C Roy Award is given in the field of?

Ans: Medicine


  • Pulitzer Award is awarded for outstanding work in the field of Literature & Journalism.
  • Saraswathi Samman is given annually for outstanding contribution to Literature.
  • Sharad Joshi Samman is awarded for Satire & Essay.
  • Cannes Award is given for excellence in the field of Films.

  1. 20th August is celebrated as?

Ans: Sadbhavana Divas


  • Rajiv Gandhi’s Birthday is celebrated as Sadbhavan Divas
  • Sadbhavana literally means ‘Good feelings’ or ‘Good will’
  • Theme of Sadbhavana is to promote goodwill, National Integrity and Communal harmony among the people of India irrespective of caste, creed & Religion.

  1. Famous Dilwara Temples are situated in

Ans: Rajasthan


  • Golden Temple is situated in: Amritsar, Punjab
  • Sun Temple is situated in: Konark, Odisha
  • Meenakshi Temple is situated in: Madurai, Tamil Nadu

  1. Who was known as Flying Sikh of India?

Ans: Milkha Singh


  • Indian Bismarck: Sardar Vallabhai Patel
  • Napoleon of India: Samudra Gupta
  • Shakespeare of India: Mahakavi Kalidas
  • Machiavelli of India: Chanakya
  • Iron Lady of India: Indira Gandhi

  1. Garba is a popular dance of

Ans: Gujarat


  • Laho is a dance form of Meghalaya
  • Rouf is a dance form of Jammu & Kashmir
  • Bihu is a dance form of Assam
  • Bhangra is a dance form of Punjab
  • Garwali is dance form of Uttaranchal

  1. The Radcliffe line is a boundary between ____________?

Ans: India & Pakistan


  • Durand Line: between India & China
  • Mc Mohan Line: between India & Pakistan
  • Palk Strait: between India & Sri Lanka
  • Purbachal line: between India & Bangladesh

  1. The only state in India that produces Saffron is

Ans: Jammu & Kashmir


  • Largest Litchi producing state in India: Bihar
  • Largest Cocoa producing state in India: Kerala
  • Largest Wheat producing state in India: Uttar Pradesh
  • Largest Rice producing state in India: West Bengal
  • Largest Tea producing state in India: Assam

  1. Lux is the SI unit of

Ans: Intensity of Illumination


  • Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named Fermi
  • Lightyear is the unit of Distance
  • Pa (Pascal) is the unit of Pressure
  • Mole is the unit of Amount of Substance

  1. Headquarters of WTO is at

Ans: Geneva


  • Headquarters of World Food Programme: Rome
  • Headquarters of United Nations Industrial Development Organizations: Vienna
  • Headquarters of United Nations Environmental Programme: Nairobi
  • UNESCO’s Headquarters: Paris