Monday Motivations – Time for Your Watershed Life Moment

Time doesn’t wait for anyone in this world. It keeps running like the tides of the oceans endlessly without worrying for anyone. Day and night change, seasons change, years run by without stopping for anyone in a wink before we notice anything. Time is considered to be precious than the exorbitant earthly metals.

Yet the basic question haunts everyone, can time be tamed? Can we control time? Can we make the best use of it without wasting it?

The answer is a big YES!

The exams are fast approaching and aspirants are sure to panic about the time dissipating faster than ever, bringing the feeling of “butterflies in the stomach”. It is a normal feeling that these things occur in our quotidian life. Fear doesn’t bring the desired results to us that could be cherished rather it is the tenacity with which we practice daily for the coming exams.

It may be true that time is short but we would have practiced for the exams for a long time. The effort we put in this short time isn’t going to make the differences. Success doesn’t depend on short stints. It is achieved through constant practice and fervor.

Remember the times where everyone slept, played their favorite sport, took an enchanting ride, binge watched their favorite TV shows while you toiled to clear this exam and attain greater heights. Don’t let the grit subside in the short stint of exams due to laziness rather make a comeback to all the practices that you have already done and revise them even more better.

The day you were born into this beautiful world with you giggling and crying would have been the watershed moment for your parents. You would have become the world for them. Now it’s time to make your own watershed moment of your life chiseling all the way through extreme adversities, setting aside all the time wasting activities and riveting all your attention on the upcoming exams preparing harder than ever.

Remember wars are not won in a single day. Armies are groomed all throughout the year making them ready any day to face their wars. And this situation is also no far away from what a war is to a soldier. You have toiled hard preparing notes, rising up early getting the concepts right, finding quick shortcuts to reduce the time for getting the answers and let these efforts not go in vain with the thoughts of anxiety clouding your confidence and grit. Don’t make any excuses and remember only a loser make lame excuses for not achieving success. At the time of writing this article the Nobel Committee would have announced the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.

Use your inestimable time wisely, focus on the portions to be covered, understand the concepts well without postponing any topics, and stay confident to take on the exams and these things will sure lead you to your watershed moment of life. Remember “Tough times never last, but tough people do”. Wake up and toil hard to make that watershed moment of your life come true. Dreams come true only when we wake up and work towards the goal. Or else they are just dreams. There is no detour to victory other than your true efforts.


P.S : BREAKING NEWS The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythm. (Indeed this itself is a motivation for readers to pick up inspiration even from whatever you read). 

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