Static GK : List of Ocean and Sea in the order of area

Name Place of greatest known depth
Atlantic Ocean Puerto Rico Trench
Indian Ocean Sunda Trench
Southern Ocean1 South Sandwich Trench
Arctic Ocean 77°45’N; 175°W
Mediterranean Sea Off Cape Matapan, Greece
Caribbean Sea Off Cayman Islands
South China Sea West of Luzon
Bering Sea Off Buldir Island
Gulf of Mexico Sigsbee Deep
Okhotsk Sea 146°10’E; 46°50’N
East China Sea 25°16’N; 125°E
Hudson Bay Near entrance
Japan Sea Central Basin
Andaman Sea Off Car Nicobar Island
North Sea Skagerrak
Red Sea Off Port Sudan
Baltic Sea Off Gotland


List of Mountain Ranges in the order of length

Range Continent Highest point
Andes South America Mount Aconcagua
Southern Great Escarpment Africa Ntlenyana
Rocky Mountains North America Mount Elbert
Trans Antarctic Mountains Antarctica Mount Kirkpatrick
Great Dividing Range Australia Mount Kosciuszko
Himalayas Asia Mount Everest


List of Desert in the order of Area

Name Type Location
Antarctica Cold Winter Antarctica
Sahara Subtropical North Africa
Arabian Desert Subtropical Western Asia
Gobi Desert Cold Winter Central Asia
Kalahari Desert Subtropical Southern Africa
Great Victoria Desert Subtropical Australia
Patagonian Desert Cold Winter South America
Syrian Desert Subtropical Western Asia
Great Basin Desert Cold Winter United States
Chihuahuan Desert Subtropical North America
Great Sandy Desert Subtropical Australia
Karakum Desert Cold Winter Turkmenistan
Colorado Plateau Cold Winter United States
Sonoran Desert Subtropical North America
Kyzylkum Desert Cold Winter Central Asia
Taklamakan Desert Cold Winter China
Thar Desert Subtropical South Asia
Gibson Desert Subtropical Australia
Dasht-e Margo Subtropical Afghanistan
Registan Desert Subtropical Afghanistan
Simpson Desert Subtropical Australia
Atacama Desert Cool Coastal South America
Mojave Desert Subtropical United States
Namib Desert Cool Coastal Southern Africa
Dasht-e Kavir Subtropical Iran
Dasht-e Loot Subtropical Iran