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Q.1) World Computer Literacy Day is observed on ________.

a) August 13th

b) January 18th

c) December 4th

d) November 8th

e) December 2nd

Q.2) Name the Former US president who passed away recently at the age 94.

a) George H. W. Bush

b) Lyndon B. Johnson

c) Gerald Ford

d) Richard Nixon

e) Ronald Reagan

Q.3) Who won the 57-kilogram category at the Tata Motors Senior National Championship in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh?

a) Sakshi Malik

b) Ritu Phogat

c) Vinesh Phogat

d) Divya Kakran

e) Anshu Malik

Q.4) Which of the following institution has got the ‘Outstanding Case Writer’ award at the inaugural Case Collection Managers Meet held at Park Hyatt, Hyderabad?

a) IIT Bombay

b) ICFAI Business School

c) University of Denver

d) University of Bombay

e) IIM Ahmadabad

Q.5) International Day for Abolition of Slavery is observed on ________.

a) August 13th

b) December 2nd

c) December 4th

d) November 8th

e) January 25th

Q.6) Who captured the maiden professional title in the 17th leg of the Hero Women’s Pro Golf Tour at the Noida Golf Course?

a) Sandra Gal

b) Cheyenne Woods

c) Ridhima Dilawari

d) Judy Rankin

e) Anna Rawson

Q.7) Who is the president of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI)?

a) Biswanth Das

b) Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh

c) Surendra Biswas

d) Gopi Saran Singh

e) None of these

Q.8) The IOC has set up an Advisory Committee on Human Rights, chaired by whom?

a) Robert Wilson

b) Zeimer Rook

c) Zeid Raad al-Hussein

d) Mohamed Hussain

e) Salman Ali Hassan

Q.9) Who becomes first Indian to be elected ISSF’s Vice-President?

a) Rajender Singh

b) Raninder Singh

c) Rakesh Singh

d) Ravinder Singh

e) Rajinish Singh

Q.10) What is the theme of International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2018?

a) Transformation toward sustainable and resilient society for all

b) Inclusion matters: access and empowerment for people of all abilities

c) Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all

d) Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality

e) Keeping the promise: Mainstreaming disability in the Millennium Development Goals towards 2015 and beyond

Q.11) Who is the head of the three-member committee to oversee rejuvenation work of the Ganga river?

a) Justice H C Daniel

b) Justice R C Jain

c) Justice U C Dhyani

d) Justice R K Surender

e) Justice S K Gupta

Q.12) Who has been appointed as the MD & CEO of Bank of Maharashtra?

a) N.K. Sahoo

b) A S Rajeev

c) S N Patel

d) Kul Bhushan Jain

e) S.S. Mallikarjuna Rao

Q.13) As per the RBI, all the branches of SBM Bank (Mauritius) Limited in India will function as branches of SBM Bank (India) Limited with effect from _________.

a) March 31st, 2018

b) June 1st, 2018

c) December 1st, 2018

d) January 31st, 2018

e) April 1st, 2018

Q.14) The European Central Bank has launched a new system with which company aimed at letting banks settle payments instantly across Europe, helping them to compete with other global tech giants?

a) Paypal

b) Paytm

c) Phonepe

d) Google Pay

e) None of these

Q.15) Who has been elected as first leftist president of Mexico?

a) Mateusz Morawiecki

b) Andrzej Duda

c) Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

d) Admen Lopez  

e) Zdeněk Hřib

Q.16) President Cyril Ramaphosa will be the chief guest at India’s 70th Republic Day celebrations. He is the president of which country?

a) South Korea

b) Poland

c) South Africa

d) Zimbabwe

e) Mexico

Q.17) Asia Pacific Summit 2018 held in which country?

a) Nepal

b) China

c) Australia

d) Russia

e) Singapore

Q.18) Which of the following word was declared as the People’s Word of 2018 by Cambridge Dictionary?

a) Aerophobia

b) Barophobia

c) Nomophobia

d) Noctiphobia

e) Ombrophobia

Q.19) The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, has presented Standards to 118 Helicopter Unit and Colours to Air Defence College at _________.

a) Bangalore, Karnataka

b) Mumbai, Maharashtra

c) Ranchi, Jharkhand

d) Guwahati, Assam

e) Jaipur, Rajasthan

Q.20) Name the focus theme of the Global Agriculture and Food summit held in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

a) Food Grains

b) Millets

c) Soil Erosion

d) Organic Farming

e) Vermiculture

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