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Q.1) Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurated a New Institutional Campus at the National Institute of Public Health Training & Research (NIPHTR) at ____.

a) Chennai

b) Delhi

c) Navi Mumbai 

d) Lucknow

e) Goa

Q.2) Over______ released by the centre to farmers under PM-KISAN scheme so far?

a) Rs. 25040 cr

b) Rs. 30650 cr

c) Rs. 70150 cr

d) Rs. 41250 cr

e) Rs. 50850 cr 

Q.3) India placed which position in the largest source of crude oil imports?

a) 2nd

b) 4th

c) 3rd

d) 6th

e) 5th

Q.4) Who launched PM KISAN mobile application?

a) Narendra Modi

b) Narendra Singh Tomar 

c) Shaktikanta Das

d) Rajnish Kumar

e) Amit Shah

Q.5) PM KISAN will play an important role in doubling farmer’s income by which year?

a) 2025

b) 2022 

c) 2024

d) 2021

e) 2020

Q.6) Motera cricket stadium is located at ______.

a) Ahmedabad 

b) Vadodara

c) Allahabad

d) Lucknow

e) Kanpur

Q.7) Otis Elevator Co. announced it has been selected to provide 112 Gen2 elevators for the 2nd phase of which of the following Metro Project?

a) Chennai 

b) Mumbai

c) Hyderabad

d) Bengaluru 

e) Delhi

Q.8) International Judicial Conference was held in ________.

a) Kolkata

b) Mumbai

c) Pune

d) Goa

e) Delhi 

Q.9) What is the theme of the International Judicial Conference?

a) Gender Just World 

b) Justice Needed

c) Justice for Minorities

d) Judicial Empowerment

e) Gender Equality

Q.10) Who is India’s top trading partner?

a) China

b) Singapore

c) Qatar

d) US 

e) Saudi Arabia

Q.11) The United States and India will seal multi-billion dollar defense deals worth _________ .

a) $ 1.5 billion

b) $ 2.5 billion

c) $ 3 billion 

d) $ 4 billion

e) $ 5 billion

Q.12) Lotteries to attract uniform _____ GST rate.

a) 18 %

b) 12 %

c) 25 %

d) 28 % 

e) 30 %

Q.13) Lotteries to attract uniform GST rate from _______.

a) March 1 

b) April 1

c) May 1 

d) June 1

e) July 1

Q.14) Who announced partnership with SBI Foundation to create opportunities for youth with disabilities in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector?

a) Amazon India

b) Google India

c) Shopclues India

d) IBM India

e) Microsoft India 

Q.15) SBICAP Ventures vetting 18 realty projects for ________ .

a) Rs 1000 cr

b) Rs 2000 cr 

c) Rs 2500 cr

d) Rs 3000 cr 

e) Rs 5000 cr

Q.16) GMR Infrastructure Ltd (GIL) sells __% stake in France’s Groupe ADP.

a) 27

b) 49 

c) 51 

d) 73

e) 61

Q.17) 5G smartphones to make up ___ of market in 2020 by Strategy Analytics.

a) 12%

b) 13%

c) 10%

d) 15% 

e) 17%

Q.18) Alex Danson-Bennett belongs to which sports? 

a) Hockey 

b) Cricket

c) Football

d) Tennis

e) Badminton

Q.19) Which country to host the new format of AIBA Team World Cup 2020?

a) London

b) Russia 

c) India

d) Australia

e) US

Q.20) Which is the first team India to qualify for the group stage of the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Champions League 2021?

a) Chennayin FC

b) FC Goa 

c) Bengaluru FC

d) Jamshedpur FC

e) ATK 

Q.21) National Integration Camp (NIC) themed Ek Bharat-Shreshth Bharat was inaugurated at _______ .

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Sikkim 

c) Himachal Pradesh

d) Delhi

e) Maharashtra

Q.22) Vessel Search Technique being organized by the Indian Coast Guard join.tly with the ________ began in Chennai.

a) Australian Border Force 

b) Bangladesh Border Force

c) Sri Lankan Border Force

d) Tibetian Border Force

e) Myanmar Border Force

Q.23) Government has formally announced the constitution of the 22nd Law Commission and it has a term period of _____ .

a) 2 years

b) 4 years

c) 6 years

d) 5 years

e) 3 years 

Q.24) Chairperson to head the panel and other members of 22nd Law Commission is ______.

a) President 

b) Prime Minister

c) Home Minister

d) Ministry of Law and Justice

e) Retired chief justice of Supreme Court or Retired Judge of high court 

Q.25) ‘Jagananna Vasthi Deevena’ scheme was launched with a financial assistance of ______.

a) RS 2300 Cr 

b) RS 2500 Cr

c) RS 1800 Cr

d) RS 2000 Cr

e) Rs 2700 Cr

Q.26) Tribal Research Institute (TRI) by next fiscal year to promote tribal practices and their art, culture and language was set up by which of the following States / UT?

a) Assam

b) Jharkhand

c) Mizoram

d) Jammu and Kashmir 

e) Ladakh

Q.27) International conference on “Ensemble Methods in Modelling and Data Assimilation (EMMDA)” began at _____.

a) Delhi

b) Lucknow

c) Noida 

d) Kanpur

e) Mumbai

Q.28) In child malnutrition rate, which country has declined sharply over the last six years?

a) India

b) Sri Lanka

c) Bhutan

d) Bangladesh 

e) Pakistan

Q.29) Which country is hosting the inaugural G20 finance ministers 2020?

a) South Africa

b) Japan

c) UAE

d) Saudi Arabia 

e) Russia

Q.30) NABARD sanctions over ____ to boost infrastructure in J&K?

a) RS 100 Cr

b) RS 200 Cr

c) RS 300 Cr

d) RS 400 Cr 

e) RS 500 Cr

Q.31) How many sportspersons conferred with State Govt’s prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati Award?

a) 21

b) 48 

c) 52

d) 36

e) 44

Q.32) Who is crowned as the winner of LIVA Miss Diva Universe 2020?

a) Aavriti Choudhary

b) Vartika Singh

c) Anntonia Porsild

d) Adline Castelino 

e) Lara Dutta

Q.33) Who won SERB Women Excellence Award-2020?

a) Nikhil Mehra

b) Niti Kumar 

c) Anil Kapoor

d) Shivan Bhatiya

e) Narresh Kukreja

Q.34) Who released the book ‘Who is Bharat Mata’ which was authored by Prof Purushottam Agrawal?

a) Narendra Modi

b) Ramnath Kovind

c) Venkaiah Naidu

d) Manmohan Singh 

e) Amit Shah

Q.35) Ministry of Railways upgraded services of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based chatbot ______.






Q.36) Which firm launched an interactive AI Powered ChatBot solution LIDEA for its customers on WhatsApp?

a) Google

b) Microsoft

c) Amazon

d) Birla Estates 

e) Flipkart

Q.37) Whish among the followings is set to host the first-ever Khelo India Winter Games?

a) Ladakh 

b) Delhi

c) Assam

d) Odisha

e) Jammu and Kashmir

Q.38) Who is emerged as champion in the 34th Cannes Open?

a) Stany G.A.

b) Nihal Sarin

c) Aryan Chopra

d) Arjun Erigaisi

e) Gukesh D 

Q.39) Divya Kakran belongs to which of the following sports?

a) Hockey

b) Boxing

c) Badminton

d) Weight lifting

e) Wrestling 

Q.40) Ashok Chatterjee, died recently belongs to which profession?

a) Football 

b) Cricket

c) Badminton

d) Journalist

e) Writer and novelist

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : Febraury 23, 24 & 25, 2020

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