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Q.1) World Thyroid Day observed on __________

a) May 25

b) June 16

c) July 19

d) August 25

e) None of these

Q.2) To prevent re-occurrence of IL&FS type of debt crisis in NBFCs RBI is to introduce LCR. What does LCR stand for?

a) Liquidity Cash Reserve

b) Licensed Corrected Ratio

c) Liquidity Coverage Ratio

d) Limited Cash Reserve

e) None of these

Q.3) How many medals India bagged at Open International tournament?

a) 57

b) 65

c) 72

d) 38

e) 46

Q.4) The designated bank branches that distribute the notes and coins throughout the country are called __________.

a) Core banks

b) Currency Chest

c) Denomination suppliers

d) Currency regulator

e) Demat credit

Q.5) Which of the following can be converted into cash to obtain funds in a range of stress scenarios?

a) High Quality Liquid Assets

b) Cash Reserve Assets

c) Statutory Liquid Assets

d) Non-performing Liquid Assets

e) None of these

Q.6) Which bank launched ‘Corp SME Suvidha’ for MSMEs?

a) Bank of Baroda

b) Corporation Bank

c) Central Bank of India

d) Andhra Bank

e) State Bank of India

Q.7) Who won 2019 Sudirman Cup ?

a) China

b) Pakistan

c) Indonesia

d) Saudi Arabia

e) India

Q.8) _____________became first foreign leader to meet new Japanese emperor

a) David Cameron

b) Donald Trump 

c) Dilma Rousseff

d) François Hollande

e) Justin Trudeau

Q.9) RBI is to introduce Liquidity Coverage Ratio in NBFCs/non-deposit taking shadow banks which have an asset size of _______ and above.

a) 5,000 crore

b) 10,000 crore

c) 15,000 crore

d) 20,000 crore

e) 25,000 crore

Q.10) RBI allowed large modern currency chests to increase the service charges from Rs.5 per packet to a maximum of _________ per packet.

a) 6

b) 7

c) 8

d) 9

e) 10

Q.11) Fifth Smart Cities India Expo held in ________

a) New Delhi

b) Chennai

c) Kolkata

d) Trivandrum

e) Mumbai

Q.12) Who won gold medal in 10m Air Rifle in ISSF World Cup?

a) Manu Bhaskar

b) Heena Sidhu

c) Apurvi Chandela

d) Jitu Rai

e) Karni Singh

Q.13) ISRO’s new commercial arm _______ India officially inaugurated

a) Near Space

b) New Space

c) Night Space

d) Bright Space

e) White Space

Q.14) Who is appointed as head UN peacekeeping operation in South Sudan

a) Shailesh Tinaikar

b) Dinesh gupta

c) Rajesh Sharma

d) Nitish Sharma

e) Rajeev Kumar

Q.15) ____ to host World Leaders Conference to Combat Anti-Semitism in October 2020

a) Sweden

b) Thailand

c) Australia

d) Saudi Arabia

e) India

Q.16) Wirecard teams up with India to issue ________.

a) PAN card

b) Voter ID

c) Aadhaar Card

d) Ration Card

e) Passport

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