IBPS RRB PO INTERVIEW 2017 – Questions asked in the Interview

Dear Banking Aspirant,

The dream of every aspirant is to achieve the most difficult game of winning the different phases of Exam and become a banker. If the previous said one was you forte and your aspiration, then you are in the right place and you would have faced many hardships to stand amidst the crowd because the number of candidates who are writing the exams are in the rise in the recent years.

The IBPS has released the results of the IBPS PO mains Exam 2017 and also the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017 recently and we hope many of the aspirants of the have crossed the initial stages of the IBPS Clerk and the second phase of the IBPS PO Exam. The ability to cross the initial phases is a difficult process and also one of the important factors to maximize their opportunities to gain more prominence in the exam circle.

We have been providing the questions asked in the IBPS RRB PO (Scale I, II and III Officer) Interview process in BANKERSDAILY website. Since we have been getting many interview experiences from the candidates, we thought it would be great to share the questions that are asked in the interviews as a separate posts and since questions are very important and even the candidate has to make their own answers to win their interview, even thought the perspective in which the questions are asked and the answer which the candidate gave is important to know, since this will provide an ample insight about the experience the candidate faced in the interview, also since there are only couple of days for the interview and we have been getting requests from the users to share those questions in common, we are sharing the questions we obtained as feedback from the students who have attended the IBPS RRB PO (Scale I , II and III) Interview Process 2017.

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So here goes the interview experience of three candidates who have sent their experiences in the IBPS RRB Scale I Interview process that happened on 28th December, 2017.

1. Static Questions based on recent Events and the predominant one among that was headquarters and it’s related issues.

2. What is KYC Process and why it is Essential in the banking process ?

3. What is Loan security and why the banks should bank on the security process ?

4. There was even a panel where the panel members started the interview without self introduction , that was completely out of box.

5. What is money Laundering and the examples that are widely said ?

6. What is the basic difference between RRB and NABARD ?

7. What is the best thing about RRB and NABARD when considering the loan parts ?

8. Difference between Co-operative Bank and Rural Banks ?

9. What is Rural Credit ?

10. Some of the Agricultural Students even got some questions related to their subjects , what is horticulture and what are the various process involved in the process of horticulture ?

11. What is sericulture ?

12. What is top Quality Management ?

13. What will you do , if a person asks you (A Branch Manager) to provide him/her loan to start a computer center ?

14. What are the various norms in NABARD and what will you(the candidate) choose if given an option to choose between NABARD and RRB ?

15. What is Digital banking ? (One of the repeated questions in the interview process of IBPS RRB PO)

16. One of the Panel even told the candidates to speak in English , the particular day saw panelists ask many standard questions and not deviating from the Interview process and there were only minimal questions regarding the person’s background and hobbies and even if the questions were asked they were too minimal.

17. How many Nobel Laureates are from India ? Who has been given Nobel Prize for Economics this year and why ?

18. What is GST and what are the benefits of GST ?

19. What are the differences between DD and Promissory Notes ?

20. What is Negotiable Instruments Act ?

21. Why Niti Aayog has been formed ?

22. What is Wetland Farming ?

23. What is the Difference between Planning Commission and NITI AAYOG ?

24. What is RTI and how it is beneficial for the people ? Have you used the RTI ?

25. What is NPA , Mortage , pledge and hypothecation

These are some of the questions asked in the Interview of IBPS RRB PO Process and if you are having the interview in the forthcoming days and in the new year , please find a suitable answer for the questions because who knows even you can get these type of questions in the interview. Still more questions from this day’s interview will be added in the website in the new year so that you can enhance your interview preparations for the forthcoming exams and also for the IBPS RRB Exams.

Even there are many interviews coming in the forthcoming days like IBPS PO and when the syndicate bank PO Exam is over , it too has the interview as the last phase of the process to select a candidate. So be prepared for all the questions.

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Thanks to RACE INSTITUTE students who are providing the updates about the interview and timely updates about the interview process. We wish the candidates who are attending the interview in the forthcoming days.

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