SBI PO Prelims 2017:

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Dear Aspirant,

SBI PO Prelims 2017 examination is successfully ongoing  all over India. Many of you have completed an Exam and but still there is two more days, exam is going to happen. If you have share your experience in one or two lines , that will be useful for many students. Some of our students have left a review. But still we are expecting more reviews.

You could have Do better if you have Consider this

(Suggestions from the aspirants who completed Exam)

Sathesh kumar

Really second slot for today is very tough compared to yesterday slots and today morning first slot..only puzzles occupied the space rest part mere weightage to equality and two decoding.. So concentrate on puzzle ,increase your problem solving ability. English part is very easy for me.attempted more quest. In apptitude moderate level of DI, You have to solve entire to atraicd ..on the whole it I’d tough. Managing time and arraiving at exact answers are the challenges .

Poorna chander

First go for aptitude and then going for reasoning is better unless if your strong in reasoning.age related floor and age related north facing was very in slot 2 for me.


To crack English section in SBI PO just read all articles in (science and technology). Its verified and 3 slots RC picked here ly..

Mr. Ganesh

Pls Focus on only aptitude not on Reasoning because puzzle seems so small but time takes to sove puzzle takes more time so we might get into frustration. So pls focus on Aptitude part to improve your Attempts. Solve other than Seating and Puzzle

Ms. Dhivya

To give more attempts, need not to attend Reasoning Section, give only 10 mins to Reasoning Section is more than enough. Concentrate on Aptitude because aptitude part is very easy.If you attend the exam by this method, surely you score well in the Exam.


Reasoning part (puzzles) are really time consuming so while attending reasoning keep an eye on timing…. Other than puzzles other question in this part was easy…

Ms. Priya

If there is two Entity give the Priority to that Puzzle.   make 3 entity puzzle low priority.

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